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“The post-socialist environments of eastern and central Europe are now witnessing a ferment of regeneration opportunities and creative solutions.  This book, authored by a wide range of innovative researchers from the regions, including architects, urban designers, planners and historians, provides a richly diverse variety of contemporary insights into this topical and vitally important subject – encompassing both historical origins and present-day challenges.”

Professor Miles Glendinning, University of Edinburgh / Convener, DOCOMOMO Specialist Committee on Urbanism and Landscape

“Progress? Lost path? Mistake? Rebuilding? Or destiny, that we need to accept? Should we or are we able at all to catch up with the West? Or should we walk our own path? The post-socialist urban development is struggling with its own identity. In this fascinating book today’s young researchers – architects, architectural historians, and urban planners – raise questions, and try to process answers from the past of the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in an effort to get a clearer vision of their future.”

Professor Emeritus Tamás Meggyesi, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Architecture


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