Department design 3 / neighborhood unit of tomorrow 2020

neighborhood unit of tomorrow 2020 / ÓBUDA

The DD3 course of the Department of Urban Planning and Design focuses on middle-class mass housing neighborhood planned as an urban unit with residential buildings, public facilities, open space, etc. Óbuda, the 3rd district of Budapest is the site of several neighborhood units inherited from the past (pl. Gázgyári, Bécsi úti, Experimental from the ’60s, large prefabricated housing estates, contemporary gated communicates, etc.). The semester project is based on scale transformations between the city, district, housing estate, neighborhood unit, and building, to understand the post-socialist context and design a sustainable, and liveable urban environment for all. 

The semester work is divided into three phases:

1) introduction: conceptualization and visualization / 2 weeks

2) urban research and design / masterplan: system thinking about the physical and social context of one neighborhood unit / 5 weeks / team work

3) urban and architectural design / 7 weeks / individual work

Several ongoing academic and professional activities shape the topics of this course on mass housing. For more information click the links below:

Elective seminar related to the design course: Urban Housing / BMEEPUI0901

more info /// Moodle OPEN / Moodle PASS