Smart City on the Ground / 2014 / 12 / 12



18:00 | Welcome speech
18:05 | Presentations

Dávid Pap, FabLab Budapest
Dániel Falus, Kitchen Budapest
Dr. Gábor Fehér, Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics, Budapest University of Tech-nology and Economics

19:00 | Keynote: Martijn de Waal
20:00 | Panel dicussion

Design Terminal is launching an event series titled Smart City on the Ground, beginning in Au-tumn 2014. We explore the common ground between urbanism and technology from a smart city angle and create new opportunities for development and industry collaboration – all with the help of renowned international experts.

Our guest at the first event at Kitchen Budapest will be Martijn de Waal of the Netherlands, expert on the role of new media solutions in urban publicity. As founder of The Mobile City and The Public Matters, he is active in research, consultancy and education as well. His book, published in 2013
and titled The City as Interface, analyzes the social, political and technological impact of the fusion of built environment and new technologies. His latest project, the Hackable Metropolis series, examines the options for participation in smart city programs open to civil society through workshops and publications.

We also provide a consultation opportunity with our expert on the day of the event, with the goal of putting down a foundation for the local implementation of smart city theory through access to international know-how and best practices. Please contact for further information on the consultation.

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