RECOVERY / TDK2021 / Results

RECOVERY / TDK 2021 / Results



I. Prize, special prize of the Foundation for Urban Design, special scientific prize of the Faculty of Architecture

#balatonalmádi – Communication methods in the social processing of late modern architectural heritage
Károly Zubek
Consulent: Domonkos Wettstein PhD


II. Prize, Sustainability special prize

The Circular Dike of Szeged – Border in transition
Volford Márton
Consulent: Kádár Bálint PhD, Klaniczay János


III. Prize, Sustainability special prize, HK presentation special prize

The Future For Sustainable Cities: Comparative analysis of contemporary mass housing developments in Budapest

Fadda Qatarneh
Consulent: Melinda Benkő


III. Prize, Metszet special prize

Mental mapping of institutional interior spaces
Orsolya Gyéresi
Consulent: Dániel Balizs


Reward special prize

Post epidemic residential forms in dense urban areas: Potential sustainable adaptation of Budapest historical buildings courtyards as semi-private spaces for the well-being of residents.
Adi Haddad
Consulent: Árpád Szabó