Recovery / TDK 2021 / konferencia


The annual Student Research Societies Conference (TDK) is an independent science or art project competition, where the projects are prepared by students with consultants and presented to the jury at the TDK conference series. Besides being a field of scientific competition it is also an important step towards doctoral education so it is recommended for students being oriented towards such higher education. The scientific papers analyse a research question, following a consistently built, logical methodology. The length of the papers are about 25-30 pages with references together. The forms of the artworks are free, but they must be developed together with the consultants. This year the project submission is in October, and the conference will be held in November 2021.

This year the Student Research Societies Conference call at the Department of Urban Planning and Design builds on the concept of “RECOVERY” – What are the effects of changing climate, social, economic climates for architecture and urban architecture? What methods and tools can we use to respond to the challenges as an architect or urban planner? How can our community spaces be adapted to the changed conditions of social coexistence? What new opportunities are there for community participation in the time of the new paradigm of social distancing?



ROOM: K 390

Committee: Zoltán Erő, Éva Beleznay, Kornélia Kissfazekas PhD, Ábel Mészáros

Secretary: Pirity Ádám

9.00 Introduction

9.10 The Circular Dike of Szeged – Border in transition
Author: Volford Márton
Consulents: Dr. Kádár Bálint PhD, Klaniczay János

9.40 Mental mapping of institutional interior spaces
Author: Orsolya Gyéresi
Consulent: Dániel Balizs PhD

10.10 Spatial distribution and its micro-scaled manifestation of the international students studying at the BME
Author: Tímea Gyányi
Consulent: Dániel Balizs PhD


10.55 The Future For Sustainable Cities: Comparative analysis of contemporary mass housing developments in Budapest
Author: Fadda Qatarneh
Consulent: Melinda Benkő PhD

11.25 Post epidemic residential forms in dense urban areas: Potential sustainable adaptation of Budapest historical buildings courtyards as semi-private spaces for the well-being of residents.
Author: Adi Haddad
Consulent: Árpád Szabó DLA

11.55 #balatonalmádi – Communication methods in the social processing of late modern architectural heritage
Author: Károly Zubek
Consulent: Domonkos Wettstein PhD