Participation, simulation, activism: new methods in urban design


Lecturers: Bálint KÁDÁR and lecturers from the field

Course leader: Bálint KÁDÁR

Type of classes: 2 lecture or practice hours each week

Credits: 2

Short thematic:

The elective course attended by both Hungarian and Erasmus students aims to teach students the practice of participatory design, focusing on urban public space design involving local communities. Students will first analyse the European best practices, bringing also examples in forms of short presentations from their own countries. Students will participate on site visits to places in Budapest run by a strong activist group, involved in participatory design processes, or showing other interesting new sides of urban activism. During the semester students will make a practical intervention in a public space of Budapest. In the group work the possibilities of the site, the local needs and the social environment must be analysed, and an intervention must be planned and implemented involving local groups or responding to local needs. The aim is to use minimal resources to achieve maximum impact. The course will be held in English.