Lecturers: Domonkos WETTSTEIN and a number of lecturers form the Department of Urban Planning and Design
Course leader: Kornélia KISSFAZEKAS
Course of the Department of Urban Planning and Design, K II 93 – urb.bme.hu
Classes: every second Thursday at 17.15, starting from February 18th – K 285

Short description of the course:
Hungarian cities are sculptural vestiges of the East-Central European urbanization processes from the past. The aim of the course is to introduce the students to the specific emergence and development of the Hungari-an settlement portfolio. The topic will be presented through the different historical periods of urban growth. Each era will be outlined through the historical, economic and social background, the settlement establish-ment and development factors, such as town-forming role of nationalities, religions, social stratification and Soviet influence on town planning. We will demonstrate the specific environment-forming activities and the typical Hungarian characteristics of morphology, townscape and floor plan. A one-day study trip will take place at the end of the course to get personal on-field experiences. (travel costs circa 5000 HUF)

Description and Schedule