Online guest lecture / Dr June Jordaan / April 18, 19:00 CET

Place and Placelessness

Online guest lecture of

Dr June Jordaan
Programme Coordinator + Senior Lecturer
Department of Architectural Technology and Interior Design / Cape Peninsula University of Technology

April 18, 19:00 CET – online link of the lectureLink

What is Place? And why is this term important to Architects and Urban Designers? To discuss this question, this lecture will situate the question of Architectural Place-making in a Global Context and also in a Post-Apartheid South African context. This lecture will discuss phenomena that compromise Place-making in Architecture, these include the dominance of our visual sense (ocularcentrism) and the intellectualisation of our discipline. It will furthermore discuss the ongoing phenomenon of Non-places and Placelessness. Thereafter, this lecture will highlight the philosophical position of Phenomenology as a method to explicate place. Topics such as Topophilia, Gestalt Theory, Spaces of Becoming, Space and Time, Interacting with Space, Perception, Memory, Dreams and Imagination will be elaborated on to describe and elaborate on the contemporary relevance and application of Architectural and Urban Place-making.

organized by the Department of Urban Planning and Design / Valentina Fesenko, Arpad Szabo DLA

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Cover photo: Xavier Delory