VIENNA // 2018 09 15 // STUDY TRIP

September 15th, 2018. (Saturday)

Study trip of the Department of Urban Planning and Design, BME


  • Contemporary housing and and mixed developments, new infrastructures
  • Professionally guided site and building visits and free program

Planned departure and arrival times from the K building of BME – Departure: 6:00, arrival: 22:00

Fee of the bus: 7500 Ft/person – no other costs (everyone takes cares of food on his/her own)
Please be sure you can enter Austria (if needed you should have passport and visa)

The study trip is open to all students! Registration is at the secretariat of the Department of Urban Planning and Design (K293), by paying 5000 Ft-s deposit until September 7th (Friday)

Information: Varga Imre (vizurb at